2004 2004 Porsche 996 GT3 RS Manual

Vehicle Description
The Porsche 911 – Type 996 heralded a new era in the life of the world’s most famous race car. After 35 years of production, Porsche chose a new and bold direction with the fifth generation of the 911. The time had come to make some radical changes, both in terms of the design and the body as well as the engine. The stricter emission standards and the fact that the maximum output of the air-cooled engine had been reached prompted the switch to a water-cooled engine.

The 996 was unveiled at the 1997 Frankfurt Auto Show and although the new design received a cool reception from purists, the new ‘11’ stood its ground. A rear-wheel drive coupé, fitted with a 3.4 L water-cooled boxer engine (300 hp), was available from 1998 onwards.
In 1999, Porsche debuted a radical 911 at the Geneva Motor Show, in hopes that purists would find the new design of the 996 more acceptable. A pure, hard-core 911, without electronic aids, with an engine that came straight off the race track. The GT3 was born!

In 2003, the GT3 made another leap forward, resulting in the most hardcore version ever of the 996, namely the GT3 RS. By reducing the weight as much as possible, installing a half-roll cage and a lighter flywheel… this was the most track-focused RS to be launched. Weighing in at just 1,360 kg, with 381 hp, this car really lived up to its RS (RennSport) moniker! The car remained in production until 2005, totalling just 682 units.

We are pleased to offer this Porsche 996 GT3 RS, which was first registered in the UK March 2004. It is one of only 140 right-hand drive cars to be produced.

It is finished in Carrara white, with red wheels and red GT3 RS decal.
Vehicle Performance
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