Ashgood Race Day

Published: Friday 5th August 2022

What a year its been with our track day.

We bought our track focused 986 Boxster S just over a year ago.   Its been a great sales and marketing car for us.  Meeting so many new customers this year, many of whom have now become good friends of Ashgood.

The car has spent many days at Track Days up and down the country with lots of our customers driving the car and joining us on days out.  If you didn’t manage to join us this year please do make sure you speak to our sales team on 01753 680558 or via our Instagram page Ashgood_porsche and get some dates to join us out on track.

After a year of track days the car was entered into the All Porsche Trophy at Snetterton race circuit run by CALM:

The creation of the series is a very personal story, as Club manager Philip Waters explains. “I was made aware of mental health issues amongst young men following a family tragedy in 2008. My family and I know only too well how the loss of a family member can affect the whole family for ever.  As a result, we decided to become involved with the charity CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) and started raising funds by organising music events and auctions. Every week 125 people in the UK take their own lives, and 75% of all UK suicides are male – CALM exists to change this.”

Qualifying was the wettest we have even been out on track in and felt like driving on ice.  The Ashgood car qualified 16th out of 22 cars for the 40 minute race later on in the day.   We started the race well and worked up to P7 after 4 laps and then P1 when the faster cars pitted.   All was running well and we were on for a podium finish until the engine went BOOM just before our driver change.

We are not overly superstitious at Ashgood but the engine did blow up with just 13 minutes left in the race just outside garage 13 and in race number 13.

Make sure you join us next year on circuit !

Ashgood Race Day
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